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Bottles of 2000 vintage of chateaux La Croix de Gay et La Fleur de Gay

Châteaux La Croix de Gay and La Fleur de Gay are two properties owned by the same family living in Pomerol since 1477.

This two châteaux on six hectares of vineyard illustrate our burgundian vision of the Pomerol’s terroirs.
Each plot of our vineyard is for us a distinct « climat ».

However due to our Bordeaux culture of blend and our family knowledge of our plots we choose to make two separates synergic
blends aged and bottled under two separates châteaux brands.

In this way, two different expressions of the greats terroirs of Pomerol can be distinguished : château La Croix de Gay et château La Fleur de Gay.
Like in burgundy the terms « Premier Cru » and « Grand Cru » may be choose to describe their relationship.
One is not the « tête de cuvée » or the second wine of the other.

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